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February 28, 2009


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To anonymous:

The degree of Pain and suffering are in direct proportion to your attachment to the Skandha.

Not only you are deeply attached to your own Skandha, you are attached to the Psychopath/Puthujana Skandas as well (since you preach saving them).

Westerners like yourself are nothing but materialists, sick in the mind......and please cry me a river already about saving more of these caged animals! LOL


If you cannot sense compassion and pity the suffering mind caught in an animals skandhic cage, trying to destroy the other "animal" then you have indeed a small mind and a light-less heart.
A good bodhisattva is prepared to be reborn in the deepest hells ready to save even worse animals then these by offering the infinite wisdom power (bodhi) of the Buddhadharma. It takes great skill to destroy the soul poisoning dreams of the suffering but heartlessness is not one of these skills.
You might have sensed the light friend but you yet much to learn about its proper application not only on yourself but on others.


To anonymous:

Sure, these people can kill, but they will suffer Karmic retribution. One might think he is a Bodhisattva and start killing Puthujana, but it is not the same as the Bodhisattva of Death who is killing the physical body through manifestation of aging, LOL.....

Small mind like yourself always talk mundanity and miss the subtle teaching by leap and bound!

On other matter, about these Puthujana....like two mad caged animals trying to destroy each other, what is there to be concern about?


Your thoughts on the nature of psychopathy (not to forget sociopathy are indeed interesting and in a way highly actual considering the miserable state of affairs among todays politicians and financial elite whom seem to freely loot every cent from the poor like insatiable hungry ghosts.

It is also interesting to read Buddhas view on the matter concerning the icchantika and the karmic freedom to kill them without karmic repricussions. But hold that thought for a minute and think in the greater perspective. Whom among us are wise enough to determine who is an icchantika and who is not? What kind of parameters are we to apply for such a killing frenzy (because drawn to its extreme this is what you are suggesting). During the french revolution against the opressing upper classes and the french emperor family many icchantikas met their sad faith in the guillotine but then thousands of innocents also lost their heads when this revolution took a life of its own and the bloodthirst overcame the people and especially those (like Maximilien de Robespierre) whom saw an opportunity to eliminate all enemies of the state (read the french people).

It is always dangerous to propagate the freedom to condemn a certain class of people or a race before the lesser able. To say; Yes your God will not object if you kill this woman due to her infidelity or this man due to his slander against our religion or cause. Or, yes the Buddha would not object if you slaughter these thousand icchantikas whom are spiritually dead because karmic repricussion does not apply in such a case.

In these hard times when hatred between high and low is rampant and growing by each day, where understanding and wisdom is deeply needed to save us all from a grim fate of utter destruction one should be very careful with words. After all, a weak minded soul could be inspired by your post and start killing anyone he or she deemed to be spiritually dead.

Well, I meant to post this link:

Just read it, it is an eye-opener, imo

One can see the three poisons these people have, LOL


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