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February 02, 2009


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Capt. K'nuckle says

Les' you be givin' out da metaphysics of a system, den you ends up wit a buncha doofs who be turnin round ya system into some stoopid stuff like in zen.

Yo, like listen up yo, dats why Advaita and Platonisms wooord out (doctrine) be da' same now as it wuz back in tha day! Cuz both dem systemz had a detailed meta-physicalz

Fashizzle to da hizzle, out & peace yo!

Flapjack says: I hate your 'articles' 'cause they repeat themselves over and over and over; 'cept for you change the title.

Maybe you have one-track mind, or a lack of full-spectrum creativity like me in the arena of metaphysical dialectic.

*peace out home-boy

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