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February 07, 2009


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Considering your natural state of being two cans short of a six pack, well lets say...its on the house honey.

(Enlightenment is never pink - bummer!)

Hey dhammagirl, I like that link you gave, it says that I :

"was indicted in 1993 on one count of Aggravated Murder and twelve counts of Felonious Assault in Ohio"

Thats pretty rich! I dont remember shooting anyone, not to mention I was living in Florida from 1992-1995.

Thanks for the laughter however, I really did enjoy that link imensely. :)

The www sure is one cwazy place indeed.

Zengirl types: Well one of my many friends online found this on him. Obviously he was dragged before an Ohio judge due to his fascination with weapons and violence.

thats a new one on me, honey, Ive never been before a judge, not once in life.

As for Ohio, I havent been to Ohio in almost 7 years, and that was for an electronics show.

I do however enjoy all these false stories about me.

If I could only get it spread around town that I tuck "it" in my sock top to keep "it" from dragging in the dirt, then I might make some good progress with the honeys'

Thank you Zengirl, but I dont take this internet personality seriously. He is just a suffering poor shmoe. Leave him alone in his misery and let some buddha take pity on him.

I am just here to read some nice interpretations on early buddhism by the zennist. Trolls like Ken are just there for laughs, nothing more.

Have a better one ;)

As to the "deathless" (Immortal), the Upanishads are clear

"for the mortal, there is no soul" - Kath. Up.

Of them who are said "not to taste of death", they are the "rare, the few, the awake"

The "dead man walking" is one who has "died before he has reached death". Or of the commandment "die before ye truely die!"

Death "comes to mortals, but not to them" (fullawake spirit/nous=sambodhicittassa). These same are "those who Mara cannot see, because they are such that no trace can be made of them who have 'gone beyond all becoming' and are Fully-Liberated (suvimutta)"-SN4.

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