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February 03, 2009


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zennist author says " It lies with our understanding of Mind—not mind as thought oriented or sensory consciousness—but Mind as absolute."

Flapjack says
The stupid english language utterly lacks the nuance in differentiating spirit (nous/citta); which is really not as meant to be translated anywhere near the term 'MIND',...with that of the coordinate and consubstantial consciousness (vinnana) which "goes no further than within this form (logos); i.e. the body"- MN2.

Resultantly, the moronic fool conceptualize nibbana as being = forced self-labotomization; as meant that "in peace" one is mentally retarded himself to the point of adukkha & asukkha, ...or that nothing phases him/her.

Buddhism is a rotton bovine corpse and maggot hotel, and the zennist author is attempting CPR on same. Let that old piece of crap continue to rot.

Buddhism as a term is as much a stigmatized idea as is the holy swastika,...both were ruined by fools, never to be used again in their original intent/meaning, such that their connotation to others is as deep and foul as mountain of cow crap.

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