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January 29, 2009


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zennist author says: "When Buddhism enters the stream of human history, everything about it takes on the form of a counter argument against mankind’s violent history and spiritual waste."

Rubbish, buddhism died quick, wasnt 'new', was a commentarial school of thought upon the pith of Vedanta, and itself today is a no-soul cult of Humanism and 'happier' Atheism.

Buddhism, now, another sick religion of objectified ritualism and pain-killer substitute.

Buddhism WAS nothing more than a fart in the wind of humanities beastiality; as all Monists know, this is ananke (greek:necessity)to the Advaitic/Proodos/Emanationistic model of Totality.

Nothing is known except thru the modality of the Knower, and therefore expressed differently, but with the same center in mind. To hell with buddhism as it is, and as it was, it was nothing special, and Gotama a pathetic teacher, such that he refused to establish a rock-hard metaphysical model of 'his' system.

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