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January 24, 2009


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Flapjack says via negativa (neti neti/ anatta) is meant 'expedient means' such that it brings for the Subject, the Svabhava (atman euphemism) most quickly.

Capt. K'nuckle says in turn, the quickest way to find the needle (atman) in the haystack (khandhas) is not to look in the haystack for the needle, but throw a flame on the whole heap, and in seconds, all that will remain and not blow away will be the sole needle laying on the floor.

Such is negation, neti-neti, anatta, or "emptiness" methodology; or affirmation thru negation (of phenomena).

Or, as the Patisambhidamagga says "samadhi (is meant) to throw the create back into the fires of the uncreate"

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