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January 13, 2009


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Thinking back on my conversations with my own sensei I recall this particular subject you seem to repeat again and again on this blog. The degradation of original Buddhism as taught by our Lord Buddha and what is found today in this world of apparent misery and despair.

Whenever I asked my Master this question;

Sensei, has the dharma deteriorated since the time of our Lord, he smiled and answered. "The obtuse might think so and even propagate so with their contant whining, like old unsatisfied wifes, but if you look for self all is taken care of, so you not worry, ok? Just find way home to self and Buddha will take care of you. Now I water plants and sing with voice of Buddha, excuse me." he ended my question with his charming japanese-english grabbed a water hose and then he started to water his garden plants, singing an old japanese folk song making everyone at ease.

I never got that in the beginning of my training as a rinzai monk. I thought of how right our Lord was when he correctly predicted the declination of his dharma in this dharma ending age and even extinction in the growing face of material corruption. Being a westerner I had a special gift for constant whining about the miserable state of things and it never occured to me that this whining was more important to me then the graceful light of our Lord. One day I just abandoned this false god and turned to my self with all my being and wham! It just hit me from nowhere. The light shone and the dharma was truly alive even more real then this everchanging reality. It was a supreintelligence at joyful work , constantly and effortessly. Even my moments of miserable whining with my borther monks was the perfect work of our Lord. Instantly I realized that I was not this body, nor these thoughtpatterns nor any actions arised from this entire body consciousness. The One Mind of Huang Po made perfect sense now. The way stood clear and my teachers singing was as natural as clear and fresh summer rain. The real training was about to begin and I could hardly carry the happiness of knowing the exitement of the decades ahead in the presence of such beauty as the light of our Lord.


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