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December 29, 2008


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Nice post, Paul....funny, I often ridicule others, etc...but it really sucks to come here and read some of the insulting posts...just ridiculous

In a poem by Jelladin Rumi God speaks to Moses and asks him, "Did you come as a prophet, to unite or to sever?"

Each moment, we must ask ourselves, what am I? If we seek to separate ourselves from even a blade of grass, we do not understand even one word of the Buddhadharma. Buddha taught, great love, great compassion, and the great Bodhisattva way.

Bifurcating reality is an endless proposition, making the first division leads to the ten thousand divisions. The ten thousand Dharmas return to one, but where does the one return?

May you be well, happy and peaceful. May no harm come to you, may no difficulties come to you, may you have a calm and peaceful mind. May you have patience, insight, courage and compassion in meeting the challenges of life. May you attain enlightenment and save all sentient beings from suffering.

Uku says: "I think, still, it's all about sitting, it's all about action - when we sit, we just sit; when we eat, we just eat; when we shit"

My goodness, I especially love your follower Uku who reads your article on A, but says its a wonderful article about Z.

Mindless lemmings like this make me scream in laughter like a little schoolgirl in pigtails.

Uku sayz: "it's all about action"

Funny, .....I recall Gotama saying "its all about liberation via wisdom (pannavimutta)"- Digha2

Yeee- Haaaa, stoopid people tickle my funny bone!!

Continuous practice; we're practicing Zazen because it helps us to reveal our natural state and without practicing sincerely we can't maintain our natural state. Zazen is all around us, not just sitting on a zafu. I think, still, in a fundamental state, it's all about sitting, it's all about action - when we sit, we just sit; when we eat, we just eat; when we shit, we just shit. In action, there's nothing else than this present moment - we're sitting, eating, shitting right here, right now. Carrying water and chopping wood, eating rice and drinking tea. Taming the ox.

Thank you for your post.

With palms together,

Thanks much for this wonderful article. Some say modern day Buddhists in general and Zen Buddhists, in particular don't really meditate (they mostly practice "calming the mind" techniques before the next tsunami of Samsara arrives, LOL).

Likewise, a teacher in a Southeast Asian country I know spoke of those with "Dharma-eye". Those very few people who have introspective skill to dig deeply into the question of the Original Face. No one should expect miracle from the common lot of mankind who often think the greatest gift is a Mitsubishi 60-in plasma TV for christmas, :P


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