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December 24, 2008


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As the author of this blog himself has said in person before (regarding other authors):

"I praise him for his accuracy, but I dont praise his mistakes/ignorances"

To WisdomisKing( aka Ken Wheeler):

Oh dear, Mr Dictionary seems to have deserted us again. It seems that your inexorable pig-headed attitude towards the nicely written connotations and denotations of this author on various Buddhist subjects are entirely missed. There must be a reason why you are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and excoriate the author. Me thinks that once upon a time there were some kind of abandoness due to mental implosions (on your part). Perhaps he got tired of you and sent you off to green pastures? Are you the mad cow that returned from hell (Laughs)? Anyways, You seem to have more teeth than brain cells. You need to kool down. Preferably taking a shower in liquid oxygen. On this forum you are nothing more then a dyslectic verbal polluter, showing of your own spiritual inadequacy.Tune in to sanity FM buddy.

(Enlightenment is never pink - bummer!)

author has said "The Chinese mind might reason that if this god is not efficacious, why bother with him?"

You, like the ignorant chinese, confuse a 'better life/wealth/health/' with Transcendence (vimuttati).

That ignorant chinese are want to pray to Gods whom they hear "granted wishes", this is their ignorance to improve their current lives, rather than have the wisdom to desire for transcendence.

Why ask why idiot Chinese pray to "da' buddha" who himself was UNABLE to get past great physical pain and suffering as illuminated in ALL translations of the Mahaparinirvana Sutra "Gotama was vomitting,....in great pain, and physical suffering" MN2.

Your passage, if wisdom were a mountain, is alike to the Grand Canyon, not only void, but dirrected the 'other way' (=Marahood)

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