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December 21, 2008


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I agree with much of what the author writes on this excellent blog yet sometimes, on the behest of my own teachers advice to always be aware of the errors in the "born" mind, I do not agree with the authors advice of Kalu Rimpoche being a read worthy lama on the subject of Mind. We speak of someone whom in the years after his death has been revealed as an abuser of women and in my view no more noteworthy then your average horny abbot in a western church. No bodhisattva has carte blanche to abuse a student with the excuse of tantric necessities. Having read some of this so called "Master" I do not consider him more spiritually awake then a can of sardines. The smell may be similar in both but the latter is more nourishing in order get through another day towards freedom from the corporeal influence on ones spirit.

There are many testimonies on the sexual scandals cloaked demons in robes has caused Buddhism and other religions and this particular link on Kalu Rimpoche is but one of many sad stories of what really goes on behind the scenes of so called "holy men":



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