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November 24, 2008


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Nice one, albeit a bit too simple. Here is one equally good.

Master Ungan Donjo asks Master Dogo Enchi, "How does the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion use her so many hands and eyes?"

Dogo says, "Like somebody in the night-time reaching back to grope for a pillow."

Ungan says, "I get it! I get it!"

Dogo says, "How?"

Ungan says, "The whole body, all over, is her hands and eyes."

Dogo says, "Nice one! You have expressed eighty or ninety percent of it."

Ungan says, "That is me. How about you, brother?"

Dogo says, "Something being communicated throughout the whole body: that is her hands and eyes."

Posessing the astounding body Dogo offers how can we see the slightest difference between the power in the answer and the power behind the apparently infinite amount of universes that deludes the vision of one that has yet to discover the true nature of the Mind offering infinite entrances to temporal bodies of birth and death?

Many years ago I read this simple yet awesome verse of the Buddha;

'So too, bhikkhus, the things that I have known by direct knowledge are more; the things that I have told you are only a few. Why have I not told them? Because they bring no benefit, no advancement in the Holy Life, and because they do not lead to dispassion, to fading, to ceasing, to stilling, to direct knowledge, to enlightenment, to Nibbana. That is why I have not told them.
[Samyutta Nikaya, LVI, 31]

This verse and Buddhas claim of what he had known by direct knowledge haunted me for years, like a giant koan. I too wanted to KNOW DIRECTLY and not by worldly knowledge collected by others with all the errors found in such knowledge due to interdependant origination. Thus there needed to be a jump away from the dialectical mind into that MIND Buddha used for direct knowledge. A mind that could cut through any world system set for temporal bodies and hence not subject to corruption by temporal causation.

This verse told me to discard all cermons, all concepts, and any-thing contrived through the senses of the body consciousness and right there before that which is unbound, unborn, uncreated and thus solely approachable by a super logical leap face the real light and pure Mind behind all self-empty realities of the defiled mind. Any good koan ultimately provokes the student of the way towards a pure state of "direct knowledge", which forever is found through this permanent light of infinite wisdom.

Knowledge, in this case, does not mean merely the accumulation of data or a description of the world of phenomena down to the finest details. The first enlightenment is an understanding of both the relative mode of existence (the way in which things appear to us) and the ultimate mode of existence (the true body and reality behind these same appearances).

the enlightenments that follow are the distinct celestial "song of the spheres" found in this deathless body with 32 perfect marks.

Without full possession of this body, rebirth in the infinite universes of samsara is guaranteed. Buddha Gauthama knew this and offered a way superior to any other religion because it was the singular way of Mind only and nothing else. It was simply the way of becoming pure Mind and thus, untouchable by karma and hence error and suffering from error.



Good article there:P, I also have heard that when one approaches the 'ante-word', that person's mind becomes quite focus and 'peaceful'. Some practitioners even reports of feeling the bliss and clarity of mind as well.

Nothing in this phenomenal world can bring about the type of mind revulsion known to many Zen Buddhists as Satori. Certainly, seeker of Zen can't get any juice from gnawing on a dry bone (after-word), LOL


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