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November 10, 2008


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Frank:I think your response here is quite thoughtful in a real sense, although I wouldn't call most Zen "excrement" personally."

It takes scant little intellect to see the necessity of 'going to the source', and not commentary upon commentary upon bad sectarian translation.

However that most people are sheep, and "want to belong to X", they are as such religionists. Religion is secularized metaphysics for the common fool. There are no truth seekers upon the earth save a very few.

Millions of people are Mormons, Muslim dogs, etc. ; and perfectly (and temporarily) happy as such, ...finding a petty religion of no worth or wisdom to soothe the worldly spirit of the ignorant man is as easy as falling down a well.

Grass, flowers, and bugs thrive in the shit; I dont deny,...however as wisdom the better part of my beign, i prefer the unprocessed food (original article) to the processed food (i.e. shit, commentary, sectarian BS).


I think your response here is quite thoughtful in a real sense, although I wouldn't call most Zen "excrement" personally. I find Zen interesting, but I do notice a real difference of spirit and message from the original Buddha's words, despite reports to the contrary. A deep compassion for even the lowliest living, sentient beings pervaded the Buddha's words and actions and came FIRST, whereas "zennists" speak of murdering homeless cats, etc. to make their clever "look at me" zennisms. I've read a whole lot of Zen books, not just the trendy ones, and while they're interesting, there was no Buddha like the historical blue-eyed, compassionate Buddha.

Thank you for this great post! Hui-neng's Platform sutra have always been one of my favorites.


Jap and Chinese Zen is like drinking the $100 a pount Kapi coffee from Indonesia.

The wild cat eats ripe coffee beans, shits them out, and S.E. Rednecks gather his turns, and washes out the coffee beans and sells them to morons for $100 a pound in Europe and the USA.

I even hear you get the "hint" of the wild cat's shit in the taste of the coffee, .-- how refreshing.

The wiseman collects the beans himself , rather than being fascinated by catshit impregnated with coffee beans.

Moral? Research original buddhism, not the excrement of Asian commentarialists.

Zen is irrelavent.

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