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October 31, 2008


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Your article brings back memories of a funny conversation I had with a great thinker concerning the humanized mind. It went something like this;

"If I were a visitor on this planet my first question would be; why do you have to pay to live on a planet you are born on?"

"Obviously it is considered to be the zenith of human civilization and above all self-definition."

"If that is the zenith of our self-definition I dare not even imagine of what the nadir is."

"Somewhere spirit obviously lost track of itself and started counting beans as means of finding a way back home."

"It is the notion that we have arrived somewhere with fertile soil that brought us all the problems in the first place."



Zen is a deep source of inspiration and wisdom to many-a-seeker.

I find that living and breathing zen in a monastery is a wonderful way to take in and practice these profound teachings.

Strive on mindfully...

Nice site +_+

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