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August 29, 2008


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Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, a fire that has gone out was not gone but merely invisible to the Indians at the Buddha`s time. So Nirvana in its original sence was a sphere of existance invisible to the senses, not annihilation.

How true!

Reading this post I recall the words of my old Sensei whom once during a zen mondo told me;
Your meditation on the way has lately become very erratic. Without focus on the way why meditate at all? Why spend time sitting there like a useless sack of bones dreaming forth a thousand empty buddhas? If anything, realize this; the only true Buddha is the undefiled light body of the immaculate Buddha Mind. Beside this light, this reality, there is nothing true, nothing permanent. Its all an illusion of probabilities and accountabilities, depending on action and reaction. If you ever get in direct communion with this ultimate source of your true nature, you will at that moment truly grasp what true compassion is and apply it thereafter. All in accordance with the way and not your worldly desires. Without this hidden wisdom and the spiritually cleansing power this great Mind brings, you will merely keep swimming as another confused and doomed victim in Maras great ocean of birth and death.

Your excellent post truly re-enforces my resolve in the way.



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