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August 18, 2008


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At what poitn did he say there was an end to physical suffering? You might be able to do something about the immediate pain you feel, though one measn or another, but we all know eventualy something else will come up.

In addition unless "transcendence commanded contains" is soemthing more specific, you just broke the english language and I am not sure what your reffering to. You also might want to avoid convoluted run on sentences as they uneccessarliy confuse your point. Same goes for your over use of sensatioanlsit words that cheapen your comment in an attempt to sound more insightful.

In a buddhist though it is wrong to say “no one is above the law of cause and effect” as the goal is to remove onself from Karma (casue and effect)

Your comment (suvimutta) is, at best, cocktail covnersation.

There is NO end to physical suffering, not logically nor in Buddhism’s premise as basis of its doctrine; as such your self-lauding of “taking 6 aspirin a year” is without relevancy to the metaphysics of transcending “the root (mula) of suffering, …avidya”. The body is a pile of trash crawling to the grave, either slowly or quickly, there is no ‘polishing the turd’ in the commandment of transcendence as forms the basis of Buddhism. “sick and riddled with disease, foul heap fools swoon over” –Dhm.

You speak of “the law of cause and effect”, yet you lack the wisdom to know the transcendence commanded contains within itself the wisdom that this body is a compounded effect within which no rest can be found; for even Gotama “was in great suffering” –MN 2.154 [Mahaparinibbana sutta] shortly before death.

Your comment that “no one is above the law of cause and effect” is both an existential reality and a spiritual heresy, for the persona is always slave to its very “origin/fate in time”, but the Person (mahapurisha, atman, nous, spiritus sanctum) who has “won liberation, the prize with wisdom” has transcended same and “knows not of causes and the antinomies of becoming”.

Your mini-article is, at best, highly pedestrian.

This might be the reason many pharmaceutical companies and those evil American psychiatrist doctors make huge amount of money treating these psychopaths, lol..

Yes, and by not remember mistakes, these people naturally will repeat them again (and again) and subsequently, they repeat rebirth in the flesh as well (of course, speaking of a greater perspective).

Thanks for this good and insightful post.


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