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August 25, 2008


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Nicely written. Very apt conclusion of the current status quo in your country.

Sorry to say, concerning your hopes on Obama, I would not put him higher then McCain. They are both heavily involved in CFR which is not a council for a better humanity but an extremely powerful organization serving very dark purposes. The time of great presidents listetning to and working for the people is long gone.

I once asked a friend; How does the constitution of a country serve the people if there is no independent authority protecting such an incorruptable set of laws; there to protect or judge the weakest and the strongest with equal measure and as such, impervious to any enemy of its foundation, wether domestic or foreign?

He could not give me a good answer because he was quite disillusioned. He had lost faith in his country, in his president, the congress, the media and above all he thought all religious leaders to be mere pragmatic liars prone to an unsurpassed hunger and power over the lesser able.

All this might sound a bit ominous but the world has karmically matured into what humanity has desired it to become.

The end result is not a sign of a civilzation possessing great spiritual wisdom but a sheer confirmation of Einsteins claim about the infinite stupiditity of humanity.



No worry, by the grace of the "Juice", Obama is going to be the next president.

And many people predict, going by the white washed lie as well as memory lost, McBushCain probably already suffer (or going to suffer from) dementia just like that Margaret Thatcher (who reportedly can not remember the Falklands War!) on the news today, LOL...

It is important that we Buddhists vote out these evil 'religious', dogmatic fundamentalists in government in November. You would make Buddha smiles :P

Back to the article, well written!. Evil certainly does all it can to perpetuate ignorance by keeping the Light ('Juice', DZ) out. But these evil people are mistaken as the Light already in their bodies and animate it to the hell, LOL


You have claimed "We Buddhists, to be sure, are not dullards", yet you yourself have intellect enough to know this is in fact the case. ‘Buddhists’ deny the atman, the only refuge, cleave to sassatavadism, or merit and karma based objectivism to perpetuate their comforts in and thru samsara. Your typical boob Christian concedes to the spirit, and the metaphysical substrate to objective being; albeit his misconception of the Absolute as Being (i.e. God) is misplaced ignorance. I chide you that your claim to wit “Buddhists are not dullards” is both blameworthy, and highly ignorant. “Buddhism” is an extremely sick religion inhabited by atheists, agnostics, and at best pantheists. They congregate together at ‘dharma-centers’, which are little more than outpatient mental wards for depressed materialists, and engage in idle chatter about attainment of oblivion and the denial of all things spiritual.
The only difference between the typical ‘Buddhist’ and the Islamo-Fascist suicide bomber who straps explosives to himself and enters a crowd of infidels, is that the ‘Buddhist’ has set out to annihilate himself only, thru spiritual euthanasia practices. Both of these types are the worst lot of demons which roam samsara and plague others with their bestial ignorances.

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