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August 19, 2008


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beautiful article but as Schopenhauer stated we all are slaves of the will, we all want and want all the time having no rest from the will that drives us. Or as the Buddha said, the world is slave to the thirst (tanha) Only in asceticism we find relief, that`s why the buddha lived the live of an ascetic as did his disciples.

It seems a troll has managed to find its way to this excellent blog page. Struggling with its daily bad karma one can in a way say that good karma (merit) brought it here. Hopefully it will make use of its large ears more then its mouth and find a way to develop good virtue.


I guess youre Egyptian? When you die theyre going to bury your hoaded $$ with you for your pleasure in the afterlife? Youd make King Tutankhamun proud. Your article doesnt differ from the pride of a money hoarding Jew in love with buying a snitzel for %75 off. Sad

Reading the article one can not help but get a glimpse into the irrationality of excessive consumption which is no more then the by product of not knowing the true source of fulfillment (the Light of True Mind).

Many of these Icchantikas often disguised as Buddhists, but by their own excessive and compulsive habit to consume, they are bored in their mind and often are looking for new mundane sources of excitement such as using drug like Oxycotin and collecting 50 caliber BMG sniper rifles!

Sure, these things are the typical American Icchatikas nirvana, lol....like pigs which never know when to stop eating until some one has them for dinner.:P


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