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July 02, 2008


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I just wanted to say that this post is probably one of my most favorite post, other than the "Illuminator".

Long before I became a Buddhist, I was a Hare Krishna and even before that a Muslim.

Wondered why my prayers weren't answered all those years previously.

The concept of a "god" exists in our need to identify with the buddha-light and to place human qualities upon the infinite consciousness, known as buddha-nature.

I feel greatly blessed to know that I can pray for and live in true enlightenment, without having to have a "mediator", such as a "god" or some Jesus Christ or even a Krishna.

In fact, Jesus and Krishna were only human beings like the Buddha, who realized their deep insight into the spiritual light which animates all living things (including us).

To pray to a "god-like" figure is like talking to a brick wall.

Doesn't answer back, not even a "yes" or a "no" for that matter. I don't like too many religious folks, due to their sense of "falsified" security.

Big on talk, very few actions to back up their talk. Such a person or groups of people, no matter what faith they are-in fact, such people have no spiritual foundation.

That is not a fully self-realized or "spiritual" person who talks much and does very few actions.

Dark Zen Buddhism has taught me to speak little, meditate often and take more action.

Talk is cheap and some people don't know what they're saying anyways when they pray to some guy up in the sky.

Give me a break! Such folks aren't worth getting involved in a religious discussion nor even can admit the 5 Aggregates, the 5 Precepts, nor know the Bodhisvatta Vows.

Therefore, I choose Dark Zen Buddhism, because its not like other religions. The fact is that we are born, we live, and we die. No soul.

The only thing which carries on past us after death is our thoughts and actions when we lived here on earth to be reborn or enter into merging with nirvana.

Arrggh! I dislike it when people say that "Buddha is dead" and that His Way of Buddha-Dharma is no way of life at all.

How many trillions more people are dead and buried?! This really irritates me. Yeah, Buddha is physically dead. Has been for 2,500yrs.

Spiritually, he entered into nirvana within his life and his consciousness carried into the full concept of nirvana after he left this earth in physical death.

So, when religious folks start preaching their trashy talk and saying how Buddha is a demoniac or that his way of life, the Wheel of Buddha-Dharma is "dead", I just bust out laughing at such people for being so deluded by their own misunderstood spiritual ideas and beliefs.

~Roger Perry~

-Dark Zen Buddhist-

Good post. Reading it I am reminded of these words I once had the fortune to find:

"The awesome omnipotence of Spirit dwells within yourself, yet do not for one moment fool yourself to believe that IT dwells in this body of birth and death, or any other created thing subject to corruption and rebirth(formation).

When you wish to pray, pray for the auspicious light of Buddha wisdom in knowing what to do as to awake and brake free from the grinding wheel of samsara, thus joining the ranks of your true family found in the incorruptable reality of dharmakaya; a reality which precedes all things of mental or physical nature due to its permanent imagelessness.

There is nothing permanent and more powerful then pure creative Spirit, nothing beyond or below pure Spirit to worship or have faith in.

Know then that your true nature and pure Spirit are not separate and act from this wisdom power by allowing it to show you a way of dwelling in the omniscient light of your Spirit which is the One Mind of all Buddhas."

Best regards


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