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July 25, 2008


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Zen, and for that matter, much of Mahayana Buddhism doesn't agree with the "no-self" (anattâ) doctrine of Theravada Buddhism. The Pali Nikayas, themselves, don't actually teach no-self, except that the five khandhas (aggregates) are not the self (anattâ). The Pali Nikayas, in this respect, are really a "no-khandha" teaching with which Zen agrees (this explains why the khandhas are treated by the Buddha as being synonymous with Mara the Evil One).

Really interesting posts - thank you - you obviously know a lot about buddhsim. My question is ....
Why pursue/practice/study zen buddhism ? (Or should that just read 'zen' without the 'buddhism' as zen doesnt actually have much to do with the study of the buddhas words?) - rather than study/practice -say Theravada - which is more closely connected to the buddha's original teachings?

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