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June 18, 2008


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Thanks, TGL for the excellent reference!

In addition to my earlier comment I would like to ad for those curious on R. Thurmans lectures, his discourse on the
true self versus the skandhic self is found on session 4 part 2.

Best regards


A wise man once said; Great knowledge makes prodigious journeys.

And indeed so, after having read many of your excellent articles I find this claim quite valid.

A while ago I had the great luck (or good karma) of stumbling over 10 hours of recorded (mp3) lectures from Columbia University in Buddhism by Robert Thurman!

At first I couldnt believe my eyes when I found these recordings online but after making some checks I found them to be really true. Remember that we speak about the translator of the great vimalakirti sutra and many other works. This man is Buddhism on two legs walking around in a world of darkness and ignorance spreading the blissful words of Buddha in ways I can assure you have never heard before.

His lectures includes everything from basic history of buddhism with many anectodes, the widespread misunderstanding among buddhists about the self ( his many humurous arguments really annihilates the materialists and nihilists), interdependant origination, birth life death, rebirth and so on...

The sound quality is perfect.

It is like opening a great book and find it being filled with an ocean of wisdom that never ends. I can assure you that you will feel energized after even listening through his first three lectures. (I skipped my sleep for two days just to enjoy the positive light he offered through his vast understanding of Buddhism!)

I even recommend the author of this blog to somehow upload these jewels of dharma lectures to his homepage. I doubt any other page have these recordings.

Best regards


(the torrent that downloads the mp3 files is here:


You need a torrent client to use this torrent. double click on it once you have installed a torrent client like bitcomet which can be downloaded here:


I personally recommend the old version 0.70 that is simple and works without problems)

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