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June 23, 2008


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Even the demon bastard makes the half-intelligent comment- "the self is not so much denied as declared inconceivable. Anatta then simply advises against uselessly trying to conceive it (the Self)." [Page 10, Selfless Persons, Steven Collins].
However this presumptive error to wit therefore conclude as done by most: "non-conception of the Atman is the equivalent denial thereof" is the grande err so often espoused by idiots. All phenomena which are anatta (= objective totality) is the empirical and mental trifecta of avijja (greek 'TOLMA') itself, which is meant not ignorance (though empirically so as meant when referencing ignorant beings), but rather objectification, for avijja, the primordial attribute of the Absolute (vijja/atman/Brahman) is that it is inherrently objective dirrected (a); ergo a + vijja. Few know the fact that there are 2 modalities of avijja as implied in vedanta and buddhism, one as sympathetic to and of the Absolute, and the latter as pertains existential beigns (who are ignorant of thier own Self-nature, i.e. divinity, Subjective and uncompounded Svabhava).

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