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May 16, 2008


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The author is totally correct. The localized heap of bacteria that you call your body is nothing but a dung making machine. If your body is ultimately real, it certainly will NOT leave you! but no, it decays and dies, but you mistake your body as yourself. But that is a foolish nature of common human.

And as they say in Zen, if you know Truth, lay your head down and let it be chopped off. If you die after, to hell you will go:) Don't mess with Buddhism!


Well, I hope you're right about this; however, there's no proof, of course, that this is the case. It would just plain suck if all of our consciousness, hopes and dreams are merely a result of a physical brain, etc...

But other suppositions that just plain suck have proven to be true: lovely women prefer monsters and idiots, creeps tend to amass more power than compassionate beings, my, the list goes on and on....

As for what the Buddha said not to confuse with the atman, the fact that there's so much disagreement between Theravadins and other sects on this matter seems to indicate that the Buddha wasn't too clear on this matter. Or was he?

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