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May 13, 2008


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Koan is never about clever wordplay. As always, dumb Westerners mistake finger for the moon.


compassion first, clever wordplay second.....

Koan is great! only if you know the cat is an antithesis but at the same time, a creation of a Pure Mind. But to the doomed and dumb Westerners, the koan is a double edge sword as it cuts without mercy if they don't know the antecedent word:)


Cute how you cavalierly mention the "Killing the Cat Koan" on the heels of me pointing out that actions such as murdering a cat by a so-called Zen master show that master or perhaps Zen as a whole to be nothing but a Buddhist heresy.

No one with any reading comprehension skills at all or compassion at all can come to any other conclusion.

I've got a Koan called "Killing the Zen Punk Who Liked to Murder Cats Koan."

Who can solve it? (:

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