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April 11, 2008


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This article is brilliant: fun to read and dead-on accurate, IMO. I wouldn't worry about it being perceived as non-compassionate to the average American either--the average Christian is happy enough "accepting" the idea that people go to hell just because they can't bring themselves to beliiieeevvveee absurdities. Anyway, I don't despise them; it's just that they CAN'T see the more abstract ideas.

Bravo bravo! this article indeed best described 'what it is like' in the typical
American people's mind regardless whether they claim to be 'spiritual' or not.

And to see the American people and society this way, I think, is to keep oneself away from becoming subdued and/or affected by these people's deranged minds.

No doubt, and perhaps this is just one aspect of the Mara mind that one needs to sail right through in order to reach the 'other shore' of Nirvana.

Furthermore, I am glad the article's skillful writing style also can lead one's mind to introspection and thus, one can experience an expanded view into the real Mind. And I think this goal can be accomplished only after one ceases playing with those '5th graders'..LOL

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