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April 27, 2008


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Hi, I enjoy your work.

But if consciousness was better off before its "fall" into corporeal existence (being entombed in a body subject to death), then why did we "desire" and therefore fall at all? What and how could we have desired at all being that we were in a non-corporeal state?

One thing that bothers me whenever I encounter it in Zen sites, is the story of the monster "monk" who murdered a cat in order to make a "point". Having read the purported words of the original Buddha, I know he would have abhorred this. The Buddha protested what he called senseless animal sacrifices in his day, and a senseless animal sacrifice is just what the monster did--he sacrificed the cat's life to make a so-called point about his religion. This non-Buddhist creep should be stricken fromthe pages of Zen. He was a pollution.

I really like "The Zennist." (:

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