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April 23, 2008


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Lovely reflection, "Zennist".

The silence of the Mind is true silence, as you indicate. It is a profound serenity that exists whether we are alert to it or not. In the noise of every day life, you are right, it is difficult to adhere to this silence.

Seeing while in meditation that the silent Buddha Mind exists even when thoughts arise can help in connecting with this silence when not meditating. This is because true silence isn't a physical phenomenon, but a transcendent one. And, again as you write, this is in no way boring; such serene awareness makes each moment precious indeed.

Nice blog!
G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

In the Lankavatara Sutra, there is a passage in the end of chapter 1 which encourages the practitioner to attain 'tranquility'. It further explains by tranquility, one achieves 'oneness' and enters highest Samadhi.

This article skillfully points to the practical illustration of a 'home-leaver' who should abandon worldly mundane and search for pure Mind, which is a very noble cause indeed.

Unlike some modern day American who cling to hamburgers and got disturbed (subdued)at anything that they see on TV and the outside world, LOL


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