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March 10, 2008


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Francis Ford Coppola has finally made a movie with a strong buddhist message in line with the author of this blog. In "Youth Without Youth " we follow the struggle for self knowledge by our character Dominic (played ingeniously by Tim Roth. He finds himself one day as his old 70 year old body is hit by lightning (or a bright light) starts to shed his body against a body that gets younger. He also develops siddhis as he tries to explore this new consciousness emrged through this body. In the meantime he tries to hide in switzerland (symbolizing untouchable territory) from humanity as it is in war (WW2). He is tempted by Mara (Nazis and americans) but refuses any cooperation and deepens his self-awakening. He also travels to Himalya where he sees shiva in his form of both guru and destroyer of the carnal.

In whole it is a beautiful movie, well worth seeing in these dark times when ppl prefer movies with empty content and much shooting rather then something questioning their path towards materialism and spiritual destruction.

Here is a link to the movie:



Speaking like Zen sages, LOL....thanks much sir!. Your articles mesmerize and enlighten my mind as well. Years of sitting are none equal!


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