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February 11, 2008


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Great Post. Great to know another source for the position that early Buddhism did not deny the self and was apopathic. How will those who rule out the self explain rebirth? They can`t. Some say conciousness transmigrates and make conciousness a sort of atman. Only if we believe in existence of self, yet undetectable, there is something to identify with that is reborn. No Self, No rebirth. It is awful to watch how some of these people want to explain at the same time no-self and rebirth. At the end, they always fail miserably, they cannot make sense.

LOL, that story about Bertrand Russell is wonderfully hilarious. It is pitiful and quite unfortunate to know some of these Buddhists, who are mostly Westerners (and often of the Theravada sect), tend to advocate the view that the Buddha teaches no-self anywhere.

It is very probable that most of these no-self Buddhists are former Christian and/or people with mental disorder. If one wants to verify about what was said, just swing over to Esangha and see how the 'establishment' (mostly 'rank and file' moderators) operate a Buddhist form! Certainly these people have control issues and they do not seem to care about genuine Buddhism except to keep their 'power' over the masses.

I am quite glad to know that blog like this let viewers know the real side of Buddhism. And in this arena of internet proliferation, more and more people will wake up and intuit into the 'fact' that these no-self Buddhists are nothing but Mara in Buddhist robes.


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