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December 26, 2007


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The author is quite correct in this article. Most Westerners don't understand the meaning (and/or the practice) of real Buddhist meditation.

To merge with the Deathless it makes a whole lot more sense to focus on, as the author has pointed out in countless time, that which animates the body.

Whoever thinks Buddha is breath dependent is NOT a real Buddhist, or at least misguided by human teacher who themselves are Mara in Buddhist robes.
Furthermore most Westerners (and/or the the majority of the Theravadin Buddhists) who immediately reject the correct meditation teaching of the Buddha, are often themselves very attached to the 5 Skandha.

Grandmaster Hui-neng once told his monks that the Teaching is very direct and clear, it is only the people's mind in doubt that is obstructing them from seeing Truth. Very clear, he was mentioning about the common people's propensity to reject and fear the Light when it is revealed to them.


Come now. You can think of no utility of focusing on the breath, whether at the mouth, the nostril, the back of the sinuses or elsewhere?

If not, does that say more about the practice or more about you?

Even the Buddha practiced shamatha meditation (which is what breath-focus is) after enlightenment.

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