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December 18, 2007


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Karma is defined as intention in AN 6.63.: "Intention, I tell you, is kamma. Intending, one does kamma by way of body, speech, and intellect."
I prefer to speak of volition, or better, will, habit energy is just part of the will together with drives, all we want in our conciousness and subconciousness.

And yes you are right, a noble environment is still located within the samsaric 6 realms.

I think the author draws a clear distinction between the consciousness which is reborn into the Triple World or into the Unborn.

"Low" (as in "Primitive") environment as opposed to "high" environment is, I am regret to say, still in the functionality of the Samsaric 6 Realms.

Volition (mental formations) is a part of the 5 Skandha, if I remember correctly, which is not Karma. Karma as I have understood in the Lankavatara Sutra is a by-product of Habit Energy.
Which is like an person doing thing the same way time after time and getting the same retribution or (award).

In Buddhist practice, the person meditates the way the Patriarch did, time after time, then he/she eventually will realize self-nature (this is Good Karma). On the other hand, an insane person chasing materialistic wealth time after time thinking it is the source of happiness, then the reward is obviously and/or unfortunately not so good (Bad Karma).

By the way, I think the author is saying if we tune our consciousness to resonate with the Deathless, then eventually our consciousness become one with it. It makes sense if one abandons worldly view first.


Excellent article, just one note:

"it (conciousness) will establish itself in many possible kinds of defiled minds depending upon its karmic propensity.

To put it more clearly, since karma is volition, the disposition of our will during lifetime decides in what womb we will be reborn. If our will is primitive, driven by low instincts, we will be reborn in a "low" environment. On contrary, if our will is noble, we will be reborn in a noble environment.

This article, I must say is excellent, exquisite and rare! please write more essay like this. It is an eye-opening and intriguing to read. Thanks,


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