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December 14, 2007


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That is correct, they have no fear of being tortured! Why?.....The Buddha "juice" is protecting them. When the torturer is about to torture them, the torturer get a "headache" or the torturer feels "remorse".....just like when the Buddha sits meditating at Jeta Grove, no animal would try to attack or eat him. Instead they surrounded the Buddha and listen to the Dharma!

Westerners just don't understand the Mystic, thus that is their downfall, and let us NOT forget that real Buddhism is not for fakers who are using it for their own personal gain (or trying to use Buddhism to accumulate wealth like the Chinese do, and cure their mental sickness).


"If, on the other hand, we have already identified with the unconditioned purity of self, which transcends both the world and our birth body, our fear subsides."

Does this mean these people are completely free from physical suffering, e.g. have no fear of being tortured?

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