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May 02, 2017


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yeti: unfortuantely very few people understand economics. Even students having taken a few econ courses in college don't come away with the basic knowledge of what a free market system is. In synopsis, as its name implies, its about freedom first and foremost. Free exchange of goods and services, and things of economic value. In a nutshell, people exchange things of more or less economic value based on their different individual intrinsic or realtive valuation difernces- becuase the guy with 10 bannas or a million bananas values them diferently then the guy with none. Scarcity, and supply and demand are operative terms. We all do 'economics' of everything as human beings in the material world, everyday, and with respect to virtually everything. Its natural not imposed by someone upon you. Marxism is an imposition of ignorNCE - complete ignorance of and distrust of free thinking, free-acting, people, and a fantasy utopian vision that requires control and imposition, and when executed always fails, and leads to lower and lower economic value in the fullest sense of what economics means, and therby requires ever greater control and force to retain POWER. marxism is anti-freedom becuase in a free market of anything marxism is eventually found out as a falsehood, fiction, lie, and evil repressant/supressant means of domination and death and destruction.

Undoubtedly embracing an anarchic and chaotic "free market" system which has led to increasingly catastrophic cycles of boom and bust (predicted accurately by Karl Marx in the 19th century), which transforms human beings into economic commodities for more efficient exploitation, and has been the cause of unending war and ecological ruin over the past several decades, is a better alternative to questioning the philosophical basis for capitalism.

addendum: meant to add that. of course, 'cultural-marxism is euphemistically named 'ploitical-correctness'.

secondly- so many other incredibly succinct and profound discussions by ravi zacharias relating to all of 'this', but the following encapsulates the essence in summing up that what relativistic humanistic self-determination of truth, values, morality, leads too- namely that which we are witnessing in the world today: each person who embodies the false doctrines and claims of the variants of satanic marxism becomes their own god. And in so doing becomes the fascist tyrant that they claim to hate. The inevitable desire to dominate and control and impose upon others, of course! because after all its so,,ooo very good that its their duty to do so!!


exactly. well stated.

how the 'west' was lost:

marxism='cultural-marxism'='critical-theory'=deconstruction(habermas/foucault.etc.)=nihilism/amorality/fascist-power imposition=anti-freedom=anti-love,atheism,humanism,relativistic bullying enslavement=satanic genius.


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