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April 05, 2017


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Though your transpositions of what the liberation of Spirit entails, via the specific dharma of the Sugata are eloquent, the letter risen from thought and created by Mind has never been sufficient to alter the divided state of mind prevalent in the worldlings. They simply lack the passion, will, and desire to establish said dharma in the singular reality of Tathagata Dhyana. It is as simple as that.

The very act of spiritual mercy you present in your blog may be deemed compassionate by merit of its light, where this continuous sharing of bodhicitta preceding the presentation is easy to pick up by the awakened, or even by those soon to be, yet the reception and needed transformation is and will be absent as long as the basic intention and desire to awake isn´t there.

Seen from a temporal viewpoint you struggle to inspire, at best, a mere handful of souls "entering the path" so few dare enter, and even fewer finish, has a small probability to become realized.

The act in itself though still carries the blessing of countless Buddhas as it should be for any bodhisattva presenting a myriad expedient means to the suffering as to inspire these souls to stop dreaming and start seeing the great wonder preceding and forming the illusion of birth and death whenever it is stirred by the slightest seed of desire.

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