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February 12, 2017


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Re: what Wolfi said.

I think Batchelor is infected with the same kind of mind disease that afflicts so many of our contemporaries. Unable to grasp the ungraspable teachings, mind inclines toward the material world and what can be known by sensory (un)reality. If this is seen as the real, the process then becomes one of trying to make the Blessed One's teachings conform with a generally accepted material mindset (ignorance) that ends up never collapsing. But it is precisely the collapse of ignorance which must occur to perceive that all such reference points are non-abiding and ultimately not real. It's like wrapping up dog shit in a pretty box that has some resemblance to Buddhism, but it remains dog shit all the same.

In my opinion batechlor and like the equivalent of late night TV evangelists. Sure they're more sophisticated, and they generally make their generous incomes from those who can better afford to give, but they're marching down the same road. As in Evangelicalism, so in zen: many of the sheep simply don't know any better.

I suppose this is why its called samsara.

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