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September 12, 2016


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Good article!

This modern world is certainly in a mass confused state. People couldn't tell the good from the evil anymore. European mind is in a deep coma as it allows its leaders to open door to mass Muslim migration that lead to its demise.

While in the US, people minds are not doing any better. Decade of free trade drives away million upon million of American jobs. No need to repeat the bad news, but some of you need to be reminded you are one pay check away from being homeless (in most instances).

Even the pope couldn't tell good from evil. He said the Quran and Bible are the same :(..........he certainly is not wise in his assessment!

Listen to this former DHS agent,
(skip to the interview with former DHS Haney and listen to what he had to say)


This agent clearly sees Bible and Koran are not the same,

He mentioned when Christ was about to be crucified he told his disciples to put away your swords, those who live by the swords die by the swords. My Kingdom is not of this world (not his exact quote, I just typed what I heard)

Then he mentioned the passage in the Koran, it tells the servants of Muhamad to pick up the swords and fight. Since Allah kingdom is definitely here of this world. (Not his exact quote as I only typed what I heard)

And as actuality, Christianity, is indeed much more peaceful than Islam.

From Buddhist point of view, this sensual world is composed of the 5 aggregates, and of Mara the evil one. And thus, in conclusion, Buddhism and Christianity are not compatible with Islam.

Tell them to stop teaching Islam is a religion of peace. We don't see Christ or Buddha advocates the head choppings of non-believers!


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